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This is the Crux Framework Blog! Crux is a component framework created over GWT for fast development of web applications.

Here Crux team will be posting code examples, talking about development practices and other ideas for the future.

If you don't know Crux Framework yet, we invite you to read more about it on its oficial site:

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  1. Hi
    I was looking at your impressive framework after having looked at several others...
    Your examples show case the declarative crux.xml and the automatic value binding based on value or dto objects.

    I was wondering if would be possible to use automated binding with JSON (or XML) data. All my services are HTTP Restlet API returning JSON or XML. How would I handle this without having to create dto Java objects again at the client end, but not having to custom bind them, while using your crux.xml definition of UI?
    Do you have some samples that showcase this

    Your effort is greatly appreciated
    P Ram
    Lexington, MA