GWT 2.7 Released

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A new GWT version was released! GWT 2.7.0 is available to download. The new version has a lot of nice features, as:
  • Super dev mode is faster and can make incremental compilations now.
  • GSS support that can make the web designers easier.
  • JSInterop is available, allowing a very easier integration with native javascript code. 

Incremental compilation

Incremental compilation can turn the Super Dev mode much faster. And it is very important for the development process.


GSS add some nice features to our CSS resources. We can now, for example, create a separate file to define constants for colors, border and fonts sizes etc and the reuse this on a base css file. It makes the task of define multiples skins for applications a very easy task. For example:
 * blueSkinColors.css
@provide 'colors';

 * main.css
@require 'colors';

    background: BASE_PRIMARY_COLOR;

and on your ClientBundle interface:
@Source({"blueSkinColors.gss", "main.gss"})
YourCssInterface css();


JsInterop is still being improved, but is already available for use on this release. You need to enable it through a flag passed to the compiler (-XsInteropMode)

It can makes very easy to use native javascirpt with GWT. It is important when you need to integrate your application with some js library.

You can see an example here

GWT 2.7 and Crux

Crux 5.3 version will be released using this new GWT version. We are making some final adjusts to make it available.
  • Integration with Super Dev Mode: Crux will have some additional features on top of Super DevMode. You will be able to enable hot deployments on your changes, even when a view file, like a crux.xml r view.xml file is changed
  • New themes for Crux widget libraries will use GSS, to allow an easier customization and skins creations.
And for those who doubt about the GWT growing. Take a look on this text by Ray Cromwell:

"Inbox is about 70% GWT code, 30% Closure.
The new Calendar uses the same architecture as Inbox, read into that what you will.
Google Sheets uses GWT in much the same way as Inbox.
Then there's AdWords, Google Shopping Expression, Flights, Hotels, Android Play Console, Google Wallet, Google Groups, and a bunch of new apps coming up.
There are 3,000 engineers internally using GWT, and we record 150,000 monthly active unique users hitting our SDK update servers. Last time I checked, about 20,000 unique domains use GWT.
Apple (iAds Workspace), Amazon (AWS Console), Nike, etc use GWT.

Read the full text here or more on this topic here.

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