Crux 5.4 Released!

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A new stable Crux version is available. Crux 5.4.0 was released today and brings a lot of bug fixes and nice features, such as:

  • GWT 2.7 support. Next version will bring GWT 2.8 support and we are already tuned with GWT 3.0!
  • New compilation model which was built over Java Annotations, allowing a faster development compilation triggered when we refresh a page in the browser. Now it's easier, faster and works smoothly.

  • New cross device components: Datagrid (div based), Breadcrumb, Combobox, WidgetList and so on. Now it's easier to code your application that targets any desired device. You want a unique code that will run in your Desktop, Mobile and TV? Are you worried about iOS, Android or WindowsPhone running different browsers like Firefox? Chrome, Edge, Safari? Don't worry, let Crux Framework handle everything for you! 

  • And last but not least: now we have a New data binding system, actually better than AngularJS because it is processed at compile time instead of the slow and clumsy running time.

Visit crux website and take a closer look to this release.

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